The TEDxRIT Team
Oversees and coordinates club activities, main event and holds TEDxRIT license.
Curation Committee
The curation committee recruits, reviews and prepares local speakers for the TEDxRIT event. If you have an idea of who YOU would want to speak at TEDxRIT, please contact
Marketing Committee
Marketing/ Branding Committee handles all outbound social media and communication with RIT and the Rochester Committee. Our job is to inform and excite everyone for TEDxRIT and show why RIT is so unique.
Events Management Committee
Events Management Committee is responsible for the day of the event and making sure everything runs smoothly. They handle the entire schedule to making the name tags. They are also in charge of the attendee application process.
Events Production Committee
This committee works diligently to find the best way to broadcast our event, photograph it, and produce the plans that the management committee comes up with.
Secretary and Club Affairs
Handles all event planning other than the main event and responsiblities inside the club.
Sponsorship and Finance Committee
The sponsorship committee is a vital piece for the advancement of hosting TEDxRIT. Responsibilities include determining sponsorship needs and outreach, planning and executing properly our budget, and approaching sponsors.